What is Bioheat®?

If you heat with oil, it's already in your tank!

The evolution of oil heat, Bioheat® is Connecticut’s forward-thinking, new heating fuel. Bioheat blends ultra-low sulfur home heating fuel with 100% renewable, domestically-grown crops such as soybean, sunflower, linseed and sesame.

Control Your Environmental Future With Bioheat®
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The NBB reperesents the biodiesel industry as the unifying and coordinating body for research and development in the United States. To learn more, click the PDF's below.

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It's energy efficient and saves you money.

Bioheat® blends are cleaner and more energy efficient. Besides helping save the environment, Bioheat saves you money. It’s formulated to clean and lubricate your heating system, which means it can help to extend its life. With Bioheat®, you pay nothing extra. You don’t need to buy new equipment or make modifications to your existing heating system and tank. Per year, the typical household using 800 gallons of Bioheat fuel blended with ultra-low sulfur heating oil could conserve 16 gallons annually.

Beyond saving you money,
Bioheat® is just better.

Made with renewable resources

Connecticut’s Bioheat home heating fuel contains up to 20% biodiesel. It is a safe, renewable energy resource made domestically from agricultural products that don’t disrupt food supplies. Bioheat is non-toxic, biodegradable and promotes better air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides a cleaner, more energy efficient burn. The more renewable energy we use, the less impact there is on our planet.

American grown

The overwhelming majority of heating fuel comes from North America. The domestic production of Bioheat supports $16.8 billion in total economic impact, more than 62,000 jobs and $2.6 billion in wages paid.1


Connecticut delivered

Bioheat is delivered by the same family-owned businesses people have trusted for decades. Beyond just providing warmth, Bioheat fuel retailers help their communities in so many ways – with everything from energy assessments to heating equipment tune-ups. You’re off to a great start heating with Bioheat.